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2008-11-30 21:20:39 by Fatmanpez

I am starting to get some team members to help,check out if you wish to join our team and help develope our sci-fi fps

models for project

2008-11-27 22:33:13 by Fatmanpez

these are for the project,read previous post for details on team recruitment

models for project

project recruitment

2008-11-26 19:14:50 by Fatmanpez

sourq (my company) has a new project with no name yet but we need modelers,scripters who can modify sauerbraten,and project managers. We are using the cube 2 engine and some of its media.The game will be in a futuristic sci-fi warfare setting and will be a multiplayer first person shooter. Possible singleplay mode or bot mode and may be comercial based on if we can get a pay-to-download system on the website.But we need team members since I lost the old ones.

New site

2008-11-10 18:48:10 by Fatmanpez

our old host is now commercial and overpriced so now we have a new one...Heres our new site

New Doom wad

2008-10-12 22:26:38 by Fatmanpez


very very short but its a start

Check out my site

2008-08-07 21:58:00 by Fatmanpez

This is my site were I post my latest games and stuff so check it out